Five Main Activities of MAAPSI

Following are the top 5 activities, more detail below:

1. Campaign for establishing good governance and Anti-corruption Center
2. Election Monitoring Archive
3. Media Campaign for Democratization
4. Scholarship Programme for Minorities
5. Networking with local NGO’s

Campaign for establishing good governance and
Anti-corruption Center

MAAPSI is conducting a campaign to establish good governance and uphold the human rights in Jessore district since 2006. In this connection MAAPSI is doing different activities, which are as follows:



Election Monitoring Archive

Maapsi has been started a campaign for establishing an Election monitoring archive at Bejpara in Jessore where all the process of election monitoring will be documented in a proper manner. Different organizations like FEMA, DEMOCRACYWATCH, JANIPOP, MMC, BROTEE, CCHRB, MAAPSI and many other NGO’s in Bangladesh produced different posters, election monitoring manuals and different documents on voter education and elections which will be preserved for reference, research and will be used in many purposes. Besides ANFRELL, NAMFRELL, IFES, IRI, NDI, NDC, ADA, Women voter league those who are involved in election monitoring directly or indirectly will be preserved all the election related suvenior, poster, bookmark, leaflet and many research materials which will be useful for all the democracy lovers people for enhancing the taste of democratization and build the image of democracy. It will further build up a bridge among all election monitoring organizations to improve their quality and performance of election monitoring work, which will eventually contribute in democratization process in the world.

The place of the archive is

International Election Monitoring Archive
246 Bejpara Mashjid Bari Road, Jessore-7400
Phone: 880-2-0152393977


Scholarship Programme for Minorities

MAAPSI is conducting a scholarship programme (Primary school level) for minorities (i.e. Bihari, Hindu and Christians living in Bangladesh) where they are getting assistance for their study at school level. MAAPSI is providing school dress, house teacher and tuition fees for them.

Networking with local NGOs

Maapsi is doing strong network with local NGO’s, club and other civil society organization to build a strong coalition for building democracy and establish good governance in Bangladesh. The purpose of the network is to raise voice against all human rights violation in all over the country. This coalition will also work to establish democracy and good governance and will try to get rid of all sorts of corruption from the country.

Media Campaign for Democratization

MAAPSI published a ‘voter awareness leaflet’ to make people more aware and conscious about their voting rights and responsibilities. About one hundred thousand leaflet disseminated to local people. MAAPSI is also designing some reader friendly poster and leaflets on election and hopefully will disseminate to local people soon. In addition the organization has been published different leaflet to promote governance and human rights in the society. MAAPSI sponsored a cultural programme in a reputed university recently to disseminate information on human rights and democracy.

In addition the organization is planning to establish a full-fledged media center and feature service on governance and democracy for local people on different information of democracy and good governance.