Maapsi Consulting Service


Maapsi possesses significant knowledge and skills on local government, Election system and Education and Training Programmes in Bangladesh. Currently Maapsi provides Consulting Services in the following areas:

Strengthening Local Government
From designing and developing to implementation phase. Large scale public programmes that required significant collaborations, negotiations and people and operation management, local research and analysis.

Local Government, Election and Human Rights
Provide strategic direction at projects and programmes, policy advocacy, media advocacy and campaigns. Can work closely with other colleagues and a large number of grassroots partners to lead on programmatic support for different projects with appropriate tools, policy support, research and content analysis promoting enhanced Governance and Human Rights Based Approach

Election Monitoring and Voter Education

Provide Training materials for trainers on Election Monitoring, Recruiting stationary and mobile observers in all over Bangladesh for Election Monitoring. Organizing training programs at division, districts and Union levels. Organizing media events and press conferences and press briefing for  election events. Develop articles, features, and reports for election bulletin. Analyzed data and facts on election monitoring and prepared election monitoring reports.


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