National Network for Human Rights and Governance

MAAPSI Bangladesh- a non-government organization is working to promote Good Governance and Human Rights in Bangladesh has taken initiative to establish a countrywide NGO network to protect human rights and ensure Good Governance at all levels.  A number of 100 NGOs are working in different districts in Bangladesh are member of this network.


The vision of the Network is to see a society where people will live in peace; enjoy good governance and all fundamental human rights.


¦  Establish democratic culture and practices to protect human rights

¦  Establish strong national and local government at all levels that is pro-people, accountable, responsive and transparent.

¦  Develop youth and women leadership quality to act as a catalyst

¦  Eradicate poverty by creating enabling environment for opportunities, quality livelihood and leadership.

¦  Determine free and fair electoral process through which people elect appropriate representatives for enacting right policies for development.

¦  Establish a society that respects human rights of all, especially such as children and minorities

¦  To facilitate and strengthen policy dialogue on human rights and Good Governance

¦   To promote campaign on food security, climate change and safe environment

¦  To  make a bridge between donor, civil society, NGOs and government institutions to promote

respect and adherence to International Human rights Law and International Humanitarian Law.




·         The prime responsibility and duty of the Alliance is to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms lie with the state (Campaign and Advocacy for adoption of appropriate legislative, judicial and administrative measures).

·         Responsibility to promote respect and foster knowledge of human rights and fundamental freedoms at national and international levels.

Thematic Area:

·         Economic governance

·         Political governance

·         Government capacity in formulation and implementation of policies

·         Governance covers government and  private sectors and Civil Society

·         Promotion of Human Rights

·         Strategic Programme

·         Strategic programme I: Building networks and institutions

Objective: To facilitate the establishment of sustainable human rights institutions and networks to promote Good Governance and Human Rights in Bangladesh. 

·         Strategic programme II: Strengthening capacity and sharing knowledge

·         Objective: To empower and protect human rights defenders and their work.


·         Strategic programme III: Advocacy and raising awareness

·         Objectives: To generate political support for human rights defenders and NGOs and to promote and protect the freedoms of assembly, association and expression, and the right to be a human rights defender.  

·         Strategic programme IV: Fundraising and strategy

·         Objective: To underpin the sustainability of networks and activities.