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MAAPSI thrives for reliability and trustable organization with long term partnership and development plan with our networks and clients. We operate with the LEAN Methodology and apply 3S: Simplicity, Scalability and Speed that differentiate us from others.

At MAAPSI Bangladesh, we pride ourselves on building tailored solutions which provide world-class outcomes, build reputation and relationships, and effect lasting change for our beneficiaries and stakeholders. Our experienced team always works to develop and implement creative strategies at local and National level to move forward the projects and programmes.

We also actively evaluate and benchmark everything we do. Consistent development, error corrections and reliability are key deliverables

Additionally, capability building ability with strength below

Nation Wide Network
Maapsi Bangladesh established a nationwide Network comprising 200 grassroots NGOs to promote Human rights and Governance in Bangladesh. This Advantage of this Network can provide coverage in 64 districts of Bangladesh

Cost Effective due to low overheads
MAAPSI doesn’t charge overhead cost such as office rent, equipment, Salary of highly paid staff etc from any project. MAAPSI only charge for Programme/Event cost from the donors.

Experienced and Dedicated Members

MAAPSI team members are drawn from across a multi-disciplinary background which gives considerable professional depth and breadth of "world view".

We create project teams specifically to provide the best fit for client needs and these teams may be drawn from across regions to provide specific expertise as required. Project teams are always supported by a locally-based senior manager.

We do not believe in "silver bullet" solutions. Rather, we work collaboratively with our clients, partners, network members and stakeholders to develop workable solutions to their specific needs. Only by really getting to know each other and their operations can we be truly effective in implementing programmes at both National and Local level.

Regional base
We develop and implement strategies on the ground where they are needed; our team has developed intimate local knowledge and contacts, and an understanding of their communities.

Size and scope
We are s largest regional communication network with staff located in regional centers where they are needed.

As a result, we are able to quickly allocate resources to suit special circumstances and quickly dedicate skilled professionals to specific projects as required.

Our regional offices operate largely independently to support their local clients. As required, they also work jointly to support cross-regional, whole-of-state or major projects.

To increase efficiency and quality assurance, accurate accounting and time-management functions are centralized. We understand the need for our clients to receive accurate, timely and complete project and resource allocation reports.

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